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Past Programs 


Below are videos of our on-line programs from 2021. Most are ASL interpreted. They are all under an hour in length. Here's a short description:  


January – Seeing Ourselves

Some of our board members share stories – books, TV shows, art and events in the news – where folks with developmental disabilities are part, if not the center, of the tale.

February – Black History Month Celebration

Almost every type of music that is called “American” actually has been influenced by African American culture.  Often the roots of the music came out of Black sacred music.  We sing a lot of songs and take a look at some really great art to help us understand more about this music.


March – Developmental Disabilities Month Celebration

We took a look at pictures of our participants, as a way to feel community and connection while poem was read.  We then got to recognize some folks who were well deserving of awards for their many contributions to Lifeline.  We ended with a chance to move around a little and then a very fun game of concentration.

April – Let’s Dance

Someone suggested to us that we try dancing a little every time we are ready to walk out the door – because you always feel a little better after you dance.  So we looked at some different ways people dance from a Bhangra in the Yukon to Step Afrika and Irish Step Dancing.  The highlight was probably a review of how dance styles have evolved from the 1940’s to today.


May – Spring and Summer traditions

We looked at traditions and things we are reminded of in Spring and Summer.  One women wants to bring back Maypole dancing but most of us had never done it. We heard about Juneteenth and decided that was something we wanted to make more of a tradition. None of us wanted to bring back the cicadas.  And we did not do great on the cicada quiz.  But we had a great time remembering all the fun things there are that are traditions of summer.

June - Game Day

We had a great time playing all sorts of games from 20 questions to pictionary to concentration.  Come answer the questions and play along. 

July - If I Could Go Anywhere

We shared vacations we had taken in the past and some of us brought photos and video of trips we took to Vietnam, Thailand, Tennessee and lots of other places.  It was so much fun!

August - National Parks

We looked at parks with glaciers to help us cool down on this hot summer day.  We looked at a video of all the parks and learned about the parks using a National Park sticker encyclopedia.  We also looked at a local National Park site and graded it for accessibility.  Finally we ended with a board game played virtually.

September - Harvest Festival

We were all excited to move out of the hot weather and look forward to cooler days and falling leaves.  To celebrate the change of season, we played some games and just had a good time! (Note: No ASL interpretation for this video.)

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