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Past Programs 


Below are videos of our on-line and some in-person programs. Most are ASL interpreted. They are around an hour in length. Here's a short description:  

July 9, 2022 - Come Fly With Me!

We learn about the history of flight, how a plane works and how a commercial flight is managed from gate to gate. 

June 18, 2022 at 3pm – Sing Praise Service

Enjoy our in person worship service celebrating the Pentecost and including music from the African American church.

June 4, 2022 at 2pm – African American Music Appreciation

Tune in as we listen to lots of great music from African American artists and composers and learn about the huge influence African Americans have had on American (and world) music.

May 7, 2022 - All About Pets!

We all love our pets - whether they have fur, feathers or even scales!  Join us as we talk about our companions and the unconditional love they give us. 


April 16, 2022 - Easter Celebration

Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with Pastor Wendy! We also talk about decorating Easter Eggs and play Jeopardy. (No ASL interpretation.)

March 5, 2022 - Supported Decision Making

See what supported decision making is all about!

February 2022 - Valentine's Day

We'll learn about keeping our heart healthy - both with exercise and with love and kindness. Join in as we do some exercise together too!

January 2022 - New Year's Resolutions and Healthy Eating

We talk about New Year's Resolution (the history and our own), what a healthy plate looks like and play some games.


December 2021 - Christmas Sing-Along

Raise your voice with us and sing-along with some favorite Christmas Carols! We also play a Christmas-themed game.

November 2021- Gratitude and Giving Thanks

We give thanks for all we have, explore gratitude in different religious traditions and play a rousing game of Thanksgiving Jeopardy.

October 2021- The Underground Railroad

Come learn what the Underground Railroad was, who were its leaders, and meet some of the brave men and women who fled slavery in the American South to freedom in the North.  We will also talk about other actions of civil disobedience in U.S. history with personal histories from two of our Board members.

September 2021- Harvest Festival

We were all excited to move out of the hot weather and look forward to cooler days and falling leaves.  To celebrate the change of season, we played some games and just had a good time! (Note: No ASL interpretation for this video.)

August 2021- National Parks

We looked at parks with glaciers to help us cool down on this hot summer day.  We looked at a video of all the parks and learned about the parks using a National Park sticker encyclopedia.  We also looked at a local National Park site and graded it for accessibility.  Finally we ended with a board game played virtually.

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