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During the Pandemic, we are offering three programs:


Monthly On-line Events 

These zoom events last are built around a theme.  There is a good amount of interaction with the participants.  And we always have a lot of fun. Usually lasts about an hour.

See the Upcoming On-line Event tab to see when the next event is and what the theme is.  

You can connect via the zoom link at the bottom of the page

If you are not already on our mailing list, sign up to get announcements and reminders about events by emailing Pastor Susanne [at the email address at the bottom of this page]

Check out some of the past events at the Past Programs tab.  A video is usually posted within the week after the event if you can’t make it in person.  The events are all ASL interpreted and the interpretation is included in the video



This is a once a month mailing.  It includes activities, games, crafts and other items.  It is designed around a theme and often is related to the theme of our monthly on-line event.

It is designed to be done with anyone in the household who would like to participate

If you would like to be included in the mailing, contact Pastor Susanne at the email address at the bottom of this page and she will start to send them to you


Sunday Time

We have partnered with the communities at First Trinity Lutheran and St. Matthew Lutheran churches to do a weekly online faith formation program.  It usually focuses on a Bible story

There is a video and an email which forwards activity sheets.

You can access the video from the you tube channel First Trinity St. Matthew

The four most recent episodes can also be found at the Past Programs tab

If you would like to receive the email link to the video and the activities, email Pastor Susanne at the email address below.

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