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Calendar of On-line events 2021


July 17, 2pm – If I Could Go Anywhere

 Summer often means vacation and it looks like that may be possible this summer.  Join us to talk about places you have always dreamed of traveling to and hear from folks who have been to some pretty interesting places.  One person will talk about their swim with a shark.


 August 21, 2pm – National Parks

 There are National Parks all over the country and some are really close to us.  Lets take a look at some.  We will also look at issues around accessibility at National Parks.  What grade should the Park Service get?


 September 18, 2pm – Harvest Homecoming

(Tentatively scheduled for outside)

We are working on having this event outside in front of First Trinity

If that doesn’t work, we will move the event to on-line

Wherever we end up, it will include a lot of our favorite Fall Festival activities and games.


October 16, 2pm – Underground Railroad

We talked about Harriet Tubman as part of our February sacred music event and here we will have a chance to learn more about her and the other brave people who helped enslaved people leave the South and head up North to freedom.


November 13, 2pm – Thanksgiving

 An opportunity to give thanks for all we have and to have a little fun together as a community.


December 11, 2pm – Carols

 Join us for our annual Christmas carol sing-a-long.  It is always a lot of fun!